Marijuana, the M.J of Drugs

Music has Michael Jackson, Basketball has Michael Jordan, and Drugs has Marijuana. These are some famous MJs. One is a very talented singer, the other is a glorious athlete, and one is a constant companion. Do you know which is which?

For most, they grew up watching the two MJs. For others, they were with the other MJ since high school. Yup, marijuana is the constant companion of a lot of people. These people are mostly those who are in the field of creative arts, belong to the depressed, or just plain hippies.

But why is marijuana a constant companion despite being illegal?

First, it’s important to take a look at what marijuana really is.

Marijuana is one of the names of the Cannabis plant. It is also known as weed, ganja, pot, and many more street names.

The Marijuana plant is a bud. It usually grows in cold places like mountainous regions. It’s originally a native of Central and South Asia, but because of trades and exports, can now be found around the world.

Marijuana was first used by tribesmen. It was used in their rituals and religious services. Furthermore, it was also used as food by some ethnic groups. Then, in ancient China, it was used as a medicine. Moreover, it was also used in pottery and textiles.

Conversely, in the modern era, marijuana has become a recreational drug. It is commonly seen amongst students, creative workers, and hippies.

Students use it to socialize with their peers. Furthermore, it is a status symbol – that if you got high on marijuana, or on other drugs, you are considered cool.

Moreover, creative workers like painters, advertising people, and designers use it to become more creative.

Lastly, hippies smoke marijuana because it completes their identity.

Though marijuana has become a recreational drug, its medicinal purpose should never be overlooked. The cannabis plant has the ability to heal illnesses like cancer, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and many more.

Many of those who take marijuana as medication do not want to put a lot of chemicals in their body. These are the believers of natural medicine.

Furthermore, marijuana can be consumed in a variety of ways. Some of the most famous ways of getting high with marijuana are: rolling a joint and smoking it like a cigarette, using a bong and inhaling the vapor, and eating brownies with marijuana.

Legality of Marijuana

The primary reason marijuana was made illegal in 1970 was because it is considered to be addicting. Another reason marijuana was made illegal is because of conservatism. It is considered to be unfashionable and socially unacceptable in most cultures.

In most countries, possessing, using, and selling marijuana is a criminal offense. This means that people can go to jail because of marijuana. Moreover, in some conservative countries, carriers and distributors of marijuana can be sentenced to death.

Despite the medical benefits of marijuana, most countries still consider it as a harmful substance, grouping it together with meth, cocaine, and other drugs. Conversely, the legalization of marijuana is starting to gain traction. Some parts of the US have already legalized marijuana, including Denver, Washington, and Oakland. Though it is still illegal in most places, it has been decriminalized and tolerated in most cities, meaning there will be no criminal charges imposed upon those who use it but certain fines still apply.

Marijuana and Other Drugs

Marijuana and Other Drugs To children, drugs are things that cure people. It is what they get in drugstores. Drugs are healthy and need to be taken when sick. The innocence of children is enviable. They think that drugs are something good.

On the other hand, adults consider drugs as something dangerous and should be avoided. Hence, they started using the word medicine. They are also replacing the name drugstore with pharmacy. They are, in fact, afraid of drugs. They don’t want children to misunderstand what drugs are.

Nowadays, “drugs” is the term people use to describe dangerous substances.

For adults, drugs are something that destroys a person’s life. Drugs are highly addictive. The addiction to drugs often leads to the destruction of relationships – be it family, intimate, and even friendships. It causes people to lose their jobs.

This narrow thinking of people (that drugs are bad) is corrupting and overshadowing what drugs really are.

In reality, some of these drugs are used to cure illnesses. The reason why people get addicted is because of the lack of supervision. If these drugs were properly regulated, they would serve their real purpose. But since they can be bought from almost anywhere, access is easy. Even people who are healthy can use these dangerous drugs.

Some examples of dangerous drugs that are considered to have healing properties are marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, ecstasy, and cocaine.

These drugs, if used properly, can help people with diseases such as depression, Parkinson’s, and many more.

As a matter of fact, these drugs that most consider dangerous were used to treat people in earlier times.

Now, looking at marijuana, it is believed to have the capacity to heal cancer. Despite that, the government still bans it. Furthermore, many believe that marijuana can also heal other illnesses, and can even reduce the effects of smoking cigarettes.

So if marijuana and other drugs do really have healing properties, why is it considered illegal by the government?

Well, despite its healing properties and other benefits, these drugs are highly addictive and potentially destructive. They can cause really serious side effects not only physically, but mentally as well.

Moreover, their effects do not only affect those who take them. The effects and trauma of these drugs extend to the families of such individuals. Furthermore, these addicts can also affect the people in their neighborhoods. They may rob, harass, or even kill people they encounter. This depends on how high the person is.

The reason the government is banning these substances if for the greater good. Since majority of these drugs are stimulants, and makes the user aggressive, the government does not want anything bad to happen.

In conclusion, though many of these drugs are stimulants, the government should reconsider their policies. This is because, with proper regulation, these drugs can cure illnesses.

Marijuana, Making You Reach Cloud9 on Your Couch

Two men sitting on a couch, watching TV – they are surrounded by boxes of pizza, cracker wrappers, and a bong. Their eyes are puffy and red. Their lips are curved like they just won the lottery. These men are looking up the ceiling and randomly laughing. One will reach for a slice of pizza, while the other will inhale from the bong. This is the typical television and movie portrayal of people who get high on marijuana. They are portrayed as people who are just hanging around and relaxing. But is this really what happens in real life? Marijuana provides different types of high depending on the person taking it. Some would be energetic, while some would be sleepy. But what they all have in common are these side effects:

  • Hallucination
  • Relaxed feeling
  • Increased appetite

These are the common effects of getting high on marijuana. Other side effects would range from a creative boost to being groggy and sleepy. The creative boost that marijuana gives is one of the reasons why people in advertising get high. Since their job is to create appealing advertisements, they try to channel as much creativity as they can. And more often than not, it really does help them. Now the other reason why people take it up is because of its relaxing effect. People with depression and anxiety would usually turn to marijuana as an antidepressant. With the help of marijuana, depressed people are able to escape from their negative thoughts and anxieties. Finally, most young people take it because of the hallucination it gives. They actually find it entertaining. Imagine seeing unicorns and other funny-looking creatures. Now who wouldn’t find that entertaining? Moreover, because they are hallucinating and delusional, they say things that are out of this world. The bottom-line is, marijuana gives people different kinds of high. This is aside from the health benefits it provides. Moreover, like any other drug, marijuana also has negative side effects such as:

  • Lowered IQ levels
  • Addiction
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Damage memory

So now that you’ve seen what marijuana gives its users, it’s time to look at why it’s illegal. Since marijuana is a natural antidepressant, it makes people sleepy and lazy. If marijuana was legalized, a lot of people would be skipping work because they don’t feel like getting up. When this happens, it would kill the productivity of the whole country. Furthermore, with the decrease in productivity, the economy will also go down with it. In conclusion, governments are afraid of the tremendous effects marijuana would have on the economy. Moreover, they are preventing its negative effects on people. Conversely, marijuana consumption is okay as long as it’s done in small amounts and as long as it doesn’t affect a person’s career. Just face it, with all the stress in the modern world, everyone needs to relax every once in a while.

Smoke Cigarettes or Get High on Weed?

Every year, millions of people get sick because of cigarettes. Some just get coughs and other treatable diseases, but others suffer from fatal illnesses like cancer, emphysema, etc.

What’s worse is that it’s not only the smokers who are getting sick. There are people who do not even smoke and still get ill.

Are these smokers aware of these illnesses and how they affect other people? If so, why are they still smoking? More importantly, why are cigarettes still legal?

On the other side of the coin, there are also millions of people who get high on marijuana. These people take marijuana like how smokers take their cigarettes.

Unlike cigarettes, marijuana does not cause severe illnesses. As a matter of fact, it is considered to have healing properties. Scientists and doctors believe that marijuana can battle the cancerous effects of smoking cigarettes.

If marijuana really does have healing properties and is good for the body, why is it frowned upon? More importantly, why is it illegal?

It’s best to take a closer look on marijuana and cigarettes to know why one is legal and the other is not.


Cigarettes are sticks that are made from the tobacco plant. It is considered a stimulant and helps energize its users. It is also said to be one of the most addicting substances.

Moreover, cigarettes contain approximately 600 chemicals which in turn create more than 7,000 chemicals when burned. Also, at least 69 of those chemicals have been found to be cancerous.

Some of the chemicals that are found in cigarettes are:

  • Acetone- used in nail polish removers
  • Acetic acid- used in hair dyes
  • Ammonia- used as a cleaning item
  • Arsenic- can be found in rat poison
  • Benzene- found in rubber cement
  • Butane- found in lighter fluids
  • Cadmium- used in battery acids
  • Formaldehyde- used in embalming
  • Lead- which can be found in batteries

Can you imagine how many people put this in their mouths and bodies every day? Smoking cigarettes is like smoking a stick of poison which gives you a slow, agonizing death.

Now that you know what cigarettes contain, it’s time to look at marijuana.


Marijuana is one of the famous names for the Cannabis plant. Aside from smoking it, there are also other ways of taking marijuana.

Moreover, it is also believed to help fight cancer and reduce the cancerous effects of cigarettes. It is also known to heal some psychological illnesses and chronic diseases.

Despite the differences between the two substances, they are still connected in the following ways:

  • Majority of people who tried marijuana have also tried smoking tobacco
  • Many marijuana smokers are also cigarette smokers
  • Nicotine dependence may increase with the consumption of both cannabis and tobacco
  • Lung damage is worse when using both products at the same time

So why is tobacco still legal and marijuana illegal?

There are many arguments regarding this. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • The cigarette industry employs a lot of people because of its process.
  • Marijuana can grow in backyards and does not need to be processed.

In conclusion, revenues matter to big companies and the government. The bigger the revenue of the tobacco companies, the more tax the government can collect. On the other hand, growing marijuana is not as profitable as the tobacco business.

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Unfair Legalization

Cigarettes, guns, and alcohol – these are a few dangerous things that are legal. Every year, millions of people die because of these things. Yet, the government allows people to buy these. Why is that so?

Why do they allow people to smoke cigarettes when it causes diseases not only to smokers, but to the people around them? Why is alcohol allowed when it’s basically poison? More importantly, why are people allowed to have guns when they don’t really need one?

Marijuana, on the other hand, is a natural plant that has healing properties. Yet, it’s illegal to use, plant, and distribute marijuana.

Has the world gone mad?

Why is it allowing people to have things that kill, while forbidding them from getting something useful?

Maybe it’s because of the fact that marijuana legalization will not bring a lot of money. Unlike alcohol and cigarettes, marijuana does not need to be processed. More importantly, it can be planted in backyards, thereby making it less expensive to produce. The implication? No one really earns from marijuana.

So is it all about the money?

Well, if that’s the case, marijuana can also bring in tax collections and revenues.

In some countries where marijuana is allowed, using it can only be done in cafes. Furthermore, the governments of these places closely monitor marijuana distributors.

By doing these measures, the government is still able to earn tax revenues from marijuana users and distributors. For example, the state of Colorado has already earned millions of dollars from marijuana-related taxes.

Though marijuana cannot bring in as much money as alcohol and tobacco, legalizing it can bring in millions. More importantly, it is safer for users and can also serve as a medicine.

But if it’s not just about the money, then what’s it about?

Another reason why governments are not legalizing marijuana is because of cultural norms. Most countries that do not accept marijuana are those that have strict religions. These places are those which have low levels of liberated thinking.

If this is the case, the government can shift the perspective of these people. The government can point out that marijuana is a medicinal plant and can really be helpful.

Moreover, legalizing marijuana can lead to a decrease of crimes that are committed under the influence of drugs. Since marijuana is an antidepressant and it makes people feel relaxed, those who’d use it won’t be aggressive. It’s definitely different from the high brought by meth and cocaine, which results to robberies and even killings.

In conclusion, marijuana legalization is something worth fighting for. Not only will it bring in revenue for the government, a lot of people will benefit from it. The sick will have more options to treat their diseases, places will be more peaceful, and people can be healthier.