Marijuana – Making You Reach Cloud 9…on Your Couch

Imaging two men sitting on a couch, watching TV – they are surrounded by boxes of pizza, cracker wrappers, and their favorite vape. Their eyes are puffy and red. Their lips are curved like they just won the lottery. These men are looking up the ceiling and randomly laughing. One will reach for a slice of pizza, while the other will inhale from the bong.

This is the typical television and movie portrayal of people who get high on marijuana. They are portrayed as people who are just hanging around and relaxing. But is this really what happens in real life? Vince from Portable Vaporizer Pro says that marijuana provides different types of high depending on the person taking it. Some would be energetic, while some would be sleepy. But what they all have in common are these side effects:

  • Hallucination
  • Relaxed feeling
  • Increased appetite

These are the common effects of getting high on marijuana. Other side effects would range from a creative boost to being groggy and sleepy. The creative boost that marijuana gives is one of the reasons why people in advertising get high. Since their job is to create appealing advertisements, they try to channel as much creativity as they can. And more often than not, it really does help them. Now the other reason why people take it up is because of its relaxing effect. People with depression and anxiety would usually turn to marijuana as an antidepressant. With the help of marijuana, depressed people are able to escape from their negative thoughts and anxieties. Finally, most young people take it because of the hallucination it gives. They actually find it entertaining. Imagine seeing unicorns and other funny-looking creatures. Now who wouldn’t find that entertaining? Moreover, because they are hallucinating and delusional, they say things that are out of this world. The bottom-line is, marijuana gives people different kinds of high. This is aside from the health benefits it provides. Moreover, like any other drug, marijuana also has negative side effects such as:

  • Lowered IQ levels
  • Addiction
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Damage memory

So now that you’ve seen what marijuana gives its users, it’s time to look at why it’s illegal. Since marijuana is a natural antidepressant, it makes people sleepy and lazy. If marijuana was legalized, a lot of people would be skipping work because they don’t feel like getting up. When this happens, it would kill the productivity of the whole country. Furthermore, with the decrease in productivity, the economy will also go down with it. In conclusion, governments are afraid of the tremendous effects marijuana would have on the economy. Moreover, they are preventing its negative effects on people. Conversely, marijuana consumption is okay as long as it’s done in small amounts and as long as it doesn’t affect a person’s career. Just face it, with all the stress in the modern world, everyone needs to relax every once in a while.