Marijuana, the M.J of Drugs

Music has Michael Jackson, Basketball has Michael Jordan, and Drugs has Marijuana. These are some famous MJs. One is a very talented singer, the other is a glorious athlete, and one is a constant companion. Do you know which is which?

For most, they grew up watching the two MJs. For others, they were with the other MJ since high school. Yup, marijuana is the constant companion of a lot of people. These people are mostly those who are in the field of creative arts, belong to the depressed, or just plain hippies.

But why is marijuana a constant companion despite being illegal?

First, it’s important to take a look at what marijuana really is.

Marijuana is one of the names of the Cannabis plant. It is also known as weed, ganja, pot, and many more street names.

The Marijuana plant is a bud. It usually grows in cold places like mountainous regions. It’s originally a native of Central and South Asia, but because of trades and exports, can now be found around the world.

Marijuana was first used by tribesmen. It was used in their rituals and religious services. Furthermore, it was also used as food by some ethnic groups. Then, in ancient China, it was used as a medicine. Moreover, it was also used in pottery and textiles.

Conversely, in the modern era, marijuana has become a recreational drug. It is commonly seen amongst students, creative workers, and hippies.

Students use it to socialize with their peers. Furthermore, it is a status symbol – that if you got high on marijuana, or on other drugs, you are considered cool.

Moreover, creative workers like painters, advertising people, and designers use it to become more creative.

Lastly, hippies smoke marijuana because it completes their identity.

Though marijuana has become a recreational drug, its medicinal purpose should never be overlooked. The cannabis plant has the ability to heal illnesses like cancer, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and many more.

Many of those who take marijuana as medication do not want to put a lot of chemicals in their body. These are the believers of natural medicine.

Furthermore, marijuana can be consumed in a variety of ways. Some of the most famous ways of getting high with marijuana are: rolling a joint and smoking it like a cigarette, using a bong and inhaling the vapor, and eating brownies with marijuana.

Legality of Marijuana

The primary reason marijuana was made illegal in 1970 was because it is considered to be addicting. Another reason marijuana was made illegal is because of conservatism. It is considered to be unfashionable and socially unacceptable in most cultures.

In most countries, possessing, using, and selling marijuana is a criminal offense. This means that people can go to jail because of marijuana. Moreover, in some conservative countries, carriers and distributors of marijuana can be sentenced to death.

Despite the medical benefits of marijuana, most countries still consider it as a harmful substance, grouping it together with meth, cocaine, and other drugs. Conversely, the legalization of marijuana is starting to gain traction. Some parts of the US have already legalized marijuana, including Denver, Washington, and Oakland. Though it is still illegal in most places, it has been decriminalized and tolerated in most cities, meaning there will be no criminal charges imposed upon those who use it but certain fines still apply.