The Effects of Marijuana and Other Drugs

Marijuana and other Drugs to children, drugs are things that cure people. It is what they get in drugstores. Drugs are healthy and need to be taken when sick. The innocence of children is enviable. They think that drugs are something good.

On the other hand, adults consider drugs as something dangerous and should be avoided. Hence, they started using the word medicine. They are also replacing the name drugstore with pharmacy. They are, in fact, afraid of drugs. They don’t want children to misunderstand what drugs are.

Nowadays, “drugs” is the term people use to describe dangerous substances.

For adults, drugs are something that destroys a person’s life. Drugs are highly addictive. The addiction to drugs often leads to the destruction of relationships – be it family, intimate, and even friendships. It causes people to lose their jobs.

This narrow thinking of people (that drugs are bad) is corrupting and overshadowing what drugs really are.

In reality, some of these drugs are used to cure illnesses. The reason why people get addicted is because of the lack of supervision. If these drugs were properly regulated, they would serve their real purpose. But since they can be bought from almost anywhere, access is easy. Even people who are healthy can use these dangerous drugs.

mushrooms-can-be-a-drugSome examples of dangerous drugs that are considered to have healing properties are marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, ecstasy, and cocaine.

These drugs, if used properly, can help people with diseases such as depression, Parkinson’s, and many more.

As a matter of fact, these drugs that most consider dangerous were used to treat people in earlier times.

Now, looking at marijuana, it is believed to have the capacity to heal cancer. Despite that, the government still bans it. Furthermore, many believe that marijuana can also heal other illnesses, and can even reduce the effects of smoking cigarettes.

So if marijuana and other drugs do really have healing properties, why is it considered illegal by the government?

Well, despite its healing properties and other benefits, these drugs are highly addictive and potentially destructive. They can cause really serious side effects not only physically, but mentally as well.

Moreover, their effects do not only affect those who take them. The effects and trauma of these drugs extend to the families of such individuals. Furthermore, these addicts can also affect the people in their neighborhoods. They may rob, harass, or even kill people they encounter. This depends on how high the person is.

The reason the government is banning these substances if for the greater good. Since majority of these drugs are stimulants, and makes the user aggressive, the government does not want anything bad to happen.

In conclusion, though many of these drugs are stimulants, the government should reconsider their policies. This is because, with proper regulation, these drugs can cure illnesses.